Five Best Slots From NetEnt

Slot games are the most popular games in casinos today. Whether you are on a live casino floor or playing online, many people tend to prefer the slot games. The reason behind this is that the slot games do not need any form of expertise or experience.

Even a beginner will get the gist of the game within a few minutes of being introduced. Secondly, they tend to offer a good return streak as compared to other casino games. Even though the returns might be minimal per game, they might accumulate into a substantial tangible return. This makes the slot games a good hedge against other games in the casino to mitigate losses.

Top-Notch Games

NetEnt has capitalized on this fact and come up with the best platform and the most realistic slot games today. They provide a myriad of slot games to keep the player glued for hours. What makes it even better, as a player; you do not have to download the game to enjoy it. All that is needed is to open an account with NetEnt and start enjoying your favorite slot game.

Players all over the world are looking for the highest percentage payout return in a slot game, and that is what NetEnt provides.

Here are some of the top slot games they provide:

1. Mega Fortune

This is a five-reel slot game with 25 paylines. Just as the name suggests, it is the highest paying game ever presented by NetEnt. Players get bonus rounds to increase their winning chances; they are offered two jackpot winning chances, and if they manage to get three symbols towards that end, they are ultimately ushered into the hall of jackpots.

2. Wonders Jackpot

This slot game offers five reels and 30 paylines. Its slots are named Tiki, Geisha and Icy, each designed to create a wondrous experience for any player. This game is exciting and irresistible, offering a chance for of a huge payout.

3. Arabian Nights

As the name suggests, it has a theme centred on the tradition of the Arabian people and their culture. The game is famous for providing two jackpot winners every two weeks, which makes it a great attraction for many players. The reels have camels, Arabian knives and other Arabic paraphernalia to add to the juice.

4. Mega Joker

This is the game from NetEnt estimated to have the highest wining chances. It is approximated that a player has a 99% chance of leaving with a payout. Once a player finishes a session, they always hope they could have played some more. To increase the attraction, players are also given a bonus mysterious jackpot once in a while.

5. Jackpot 6000

I terms of winning chances, this slot game follows closely with a 98% payout. Its use of card symbols gives a player the ultimate casino feeling. If a player manages to get just 2 jokers on the slot reel, they are definitely on their way to a good win. NetEnt understands that extended gameplay options will attract more players. Just like PlayStation camera and games are an addition to enjoy all special features.

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