PlayStation Camera and Games

As more people join the gaming world, demand has been growing to make these games as real as possible. The console games idea has been on an upward trend since the technology came into being, and game producers are racing to capture gamers all over the world with virtual casino games.

With this onslaught of new demands for a more real experience, PlayStation has not been left behind in the game. They have come up with a PlayStation camera that does some virtually amazing things to a game. The PlayStation camera is a console gadget that is sensitive to a player’s motion or movement. The camera captures all the movements of the player and reflects them on the game screen. Therefore the player does not just continue pushing buttons on the control stick, but now has a whole new personal and live experience of the game. This makes the game come to life and allows the player to get more involved.

This camera also sends back signals to the player. These feedback signals are communicated through vibration. A good example is when you are playing virtual casino games. The camera picks up the movements of the player, such as bending down, or hitting an obstacle, at which point it vibrates. How cool is that!

There are several games the PlayStation camera brings to the table:

  • Just Dance

Perhaps this is the most notable game in the pack. You need to position the camera well so that it can perfectly capture your moves. The game theme is dancing, and so it picks up your moves and transmits them to the screen. The distance and the light also have to be set well so that the routines can be transmitted in their original form. It is perfect for single and group dances to add to the fun.

  • Playroom

This game comes preloaded for free with the game box. The good thing with this game is that it has some good demonstrations for how to use the PS camera. It helps to practice using the camera and learning how to angle it correctly.

  • Rabbit’s Invasion

This is a kid’s game, though many older people also enjoy playing it. The game involves some wacky rabbits that invade your space to the extent that you can take pictures with them. You are also supposed to imitate them when they dance, move or pose. The only downside with this game is the fact that size really matters for the image to be captured by the camera. Very small kids might not be recognized easily, but either way it proves to be a good game for family and friends.

Next Generation Technology

The PS camera is a very handy device as more games are introduced to this virtual reality world. It even gets extra exiting when more players can be included by the technology. A game like boxing is very exiting when two players engage each other. It is very realistic, even though the two players are not physically touching. This is a next generation technology that is sure to create ripples all over the world.

If you would like to get the most out of your PlayStation games, then combining them with the VR camera is the best way to go.

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