PlayStation with VR Glasses

The latest trend in the gaming world is the use of virtual reality glasses. If you want to have an experience like no other, while playing your favourite video game, then you should try using the play station VR glasses.

The very first VR glasses had to be hooked to your gaming device, the game box or computer via a cable. But today, we have the next generation of glasses that are literary virtual. You can easily move around anywhere with them without the need of an extension cable.

Features of the PlayStation VR Glasses

Like something from the Star Trek movies, these glasses are the most user-friendly in the market. Though some critics are suggesting that the adoption of these glasses is a bit late, PlayStation has got this right. They are the most comfortable gaming glasses in the market, barely touching your head. Therefore there is no pressure on your face or stretch marks after use.

The manufacturers have designed a system where a band is attached diagonally on your skull from the back to the forehead. The VR glasses are attached to the forehead at the end, allowing the display to hang in front of the eyes, barely touching the face. Some rubber linings are attached at the periphery of the glass sockets just to prevent any light from passing through.

Some Small Downside about the VR Glasses

The agenda for using these VR glasses is to bring the game to life and to block out anything that might try to steal away your attention. That means the player is totally occupied and locked into the game (just as if they are literary participating). This also means that the player will be physically active, trying to dodge things while standing up and moving in all directions. After spending a while doing this, the glasses might slowly start sliding down on the nose. This is the one common awkwardness that many players experience.So if you are perhaps playing, for example, one of the five best slots from NetEnt, you might have to make several adjustments to the glasses in the course of the game. Maybe the best solution is to just tighten the headset a little bit more, which might be a little uncomfortable for some players.

Continuous Improvement

Many early adopters have given five star reviews to these headsets, and so far no major setbacks have been reported. But in case any arise, the people at PlayStation are not the kind that will sit back and ignore it. They will definitely make improvements.

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